Why Am I Gaining Weight Instead Of Losing?
Why Am I Gaining Weight Instead Of Losing?

Why Am I Gaining Weight Instead Of Losing?

Most of us already know that exercising helps us to stay fit and healthy and that is why we tend to be physically active. Initially, in earlier days, we did everything on our own but with time everything changed and along with that we humans too. It is no rocket science that we need to eat right, workout well, sleep enough so that we can live a healthy life and have a beautiful body.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you workout a lot, eat right, sleep enough but instead of losing you start gaining all those weight back. It’s true it does happen to many of us and there is a scientific reason behind all of this. Actually it is said that when you over exercise without taking proper rest, which lets your muscle relax and recover, it causes low testosterone and high levels of stress hormones (cortisol) in your body which causes weight gain. 

Sometimes people wonder why I am gaining weight when I was supposed to lose when I am doing everything right?

Sometimes when we workout a lot and cortisol increases then we feel hungry most of the time and this turns out to be craving unhealthy foods even though when we eat lots of healthy food still we go at calorie surplus which causes us to gain weight instead of losing all that weight.

So it’s best to workout an hour everyday 4-5 times a week and train different groups of muscles differently giving enough rest to our body so that our muscles can recover well.

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