Inch Loss OR Weight Loss? How To Track Your Fitness Journey
Inch Loss OR Weight Loss? How To Track Your Fitness Journey

Inch Loss OR Weight Loss? How To Track Your Fitness Journey

One of the most searched questions on Google is How to Lose Weight Fast?

There are several answers to it but I wonder why we don’t focus on losing inches instead of weight on the weighing scale.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss is a term used to describe how much you weigh in total on a weighing machine. During different intervals of day your weight keeps fluctuating. In the morning you may see smaller numbers while if you check yourself at night there will be a good difference in those numbers. People use weighing machines as a reference tool to track their progress but it’s neither healthy nor reliable. The number that you see on the scale not only counts your body weight but it also carries water weight, weight of your organs, fat%, muscle mass and everything that you are made up of.

Now there comes another question: What is inch loss?

Inch loss is a criteria where you measure a specific body part with the help of an inch tape and rely on your clothes to measure your progress. You think differently and the weighing machine may keep showing different results but inch measurements don’t work that way. It tells you whether you are making positive progress or not. It’s inexpensive and gives you perfect results.

What should we prefer out of the two?

Everyone has different beliefs. While some prefer to rely on the weighing machine others love to measure inch loss and keep a track of their progress. We all have our own way of dealing with these things but if you ever find yourself stuck in the loop of why aren’t you losing weight try looking closely. Is it the numbers that you are obsessing over or are you doing good in terms of inch loss. You can have your pictures clicked and compare them. There are many practical ways to monitor your progress and journey instead of just looking at the weighing scale.

Sometimes obsessing the weighing scale puts us in a dark place where we start feeling depressed and upset. We feel there is no progress at all as we are not losing any weight or what we perceive by looking at the weighing scale. Remember sometimes you have to take a different approach and look at things differently.

Your weight loss shouldn’t be your ultimate goal of life. Your health, fitness, sleep and energy levels should matter equally and you should always be proud of yourself for coming along this much. Feel grateful for every single thing you are able to do and move your body more and more. Once you start living a good life your health starts showing and your skin starts glowing. Don’t ruin your progress just because a weighing machine isn’t showing you what you are looking for. Start taking small steps and keep working towards a better you.

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