How To Get In Shape Post Pregnancy
How To Get In Shape Post Pregnancy

How To Get In Shape Post Pregnancy

Women are so afraid of gaining all that extra weight nowadays that they try all sorts of fad and extreme diets to keep off that pregnancy weight but do you think it’s healthy or good for the development of the foetus?

No, of course not. The entire development of a child happens through the nourishment that the mother provides and if the mother herself is undernourished or is not taking a good meal how do you think the child would receive it. It’s neither healthy for the baby nor the mother as they both need a healthy and well nourished diet. 

In order to have a healthy and good pregnancy a mother needs to be fed with good food and good thoughts. Your food creates your thoughts so don’t think that just by eating a healthy balanced meal you will gain too much which you won’t be able to lose in the long run.

The truth is if you feed yourself right then it’s very easy to lose all that extra weight in no time. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and it’s a blessing so enjoy it and appreciate it with all your heart. Prepare your body and mind that you’re about to deliver a miracle, practice safe yoga poses, go for walks and meditate everyday. Losing weight shouldn’t be your ideal goal while being pregnant. Your goal should be to stay happy and healthy.

Postpartum weight loss isn’t that tough as it sounds. You need to follow a healthy recovery after delivering your baby. Take small steps like eating on time, taking all those postpartum measures to recover your body, and a sleep cycle should be maintained. Once your doctor gives you a thumbs up then only you should start exercising but initially it should start with small steps like yoga, stretching, basic exercises and having a balanced meal. Once you check all these boxes then you can expect yourself to lose all that extra weight which you gained throughout 9 months.

During your pregnancy, gain healthy weight, don’t eat everything that you see in front of your eyes and just don’t give into all your cravings. Do not build up the idea that pregnancy allows you to gain all unnecessary weight which you can easily get rid of. Remember gaining fat is very easy but losing it is a difficult task. So make sure that you think twice before eating that whole tub of ice cream or that whole pizza on your own. 

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