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The team behind BeFitYou together have helped hundreds of people stay fit & look good worldwide. Now with, for the first time an exclusive platform to help ladies, we aim to help females of every age to achieve the body they dream of everyday without any fancy diets which only makes you sick & too much of exertion with workouts which again only makes you sick. We have put together a team of certified nutritionists and fitness coaches who will put together a diet and workout plan for you that makes you fit, glow and look your best. And that is not all, calculate the calories you need with our in house calorie calculator, use BeFitYou tracker to create logs to track your progress & share it with your nutritionist and trainer, stay inspired with follow ups by your nutritionist and trainer & get 24×7 email support! So what are you waiting for ladies? Register for your BeFitYou membership today & start a fitness journey like never before. Don’t wait because the journey to look good at all times starts right here, right now 🙂


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For The Women By A Woman

For men, weight loss and being fit is all about building body and muscles however for us women, it’s a lot more than that. We deliver babies, go through menstrual cycles, get body shamed a lot, suffer a lot of ladies health problem & what not. So for a woman, being fit is the whole life. By being fit, healthy and in shape, you not only get to enjoy a good life and body but you also get to wear your choice of clothes, deliver babies with ease, handle the household and family without mood swings and be strong – mind wise and body wise.

The moment we become teens, the race to look good starts and due to the world we live in, we tend to fall for quick fixes which does more harm to our body than good. With BeFitYou, I wanted to have a platform where we can guide ladies of any age to achieve a good lifestyle, to stay physically fit & look good and in best shape all their life. It’s a lifetime process so it needs to be handled with care. I have done a lot of mistakes but I am proud to say that finally I have found the perfect formula and balance to stay fit and healthy the right way. I hope you join me as a fellow BeFitYou member and we all stay happy, healthy and good looking always 🙂

– Message from our founder