Which Cardio Burns Most Fat
Which Cardio Burns Most Fat

Which Cardio Burns Most Fat

What is Cardio Exercise?

Any exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a good amount of time is called Cardio Exercise. Examples of Cardio Exercises are – running, cycling, swimming, dancing, boxing, rowing, walking, jumping ropes etc.

Importance of Cardio Exercise in our daily life

Cardio Exercises not only boost our heart rate, but also make our heart and lungs stronger. It also helps you to get a mood lift instantly and also helps you to manage your sleep cycle. It helps you to manage your appetite and is good for people who are obese to lose that extra weight easily.

Is it a good idea to do Cardio Everyday?

It’s a good idea to be active and do that quick 30 minutes of Cardio workout everyday but if your body seeks rest then let it rest, it’s okay to take an off day here and there. But yes you can do a short jog or walk everyday it won’t harm.

How much Cardio is Enough?

Let your body decide how much cardio it can afford on a daily basis. Some people can easily run everyday but for few it’s quite a task and for them half an hour cardio is more than enough. So instead of looking at google for all your answers let your body decide it for you and when comfortable go out for that morning walk.

Which Cardio is best for fast weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss everything depends on the intensity. Doing cardio for 3 hours a day will be tiring and would do more harm than good instead focus on doing HIIT training twice a week or you can even try Running, Cycling or Swimming. Do something that you enjoy the most. If you love dancing on your favourite playlist then do it. Your exercises shouldn’t be boring or extreme, they should be effective and fun. Do what makes you feel alive and just don’t do everything for the sake of weight loss.

Are there any side effects of too much cardio?

Doing too much cardio can actually hinder your weight loss process as it makes you lose your muscle mass. Losing your muscle mass also makes your metabolism slow which again causes you not to lose weight. Apart from weight loss it stresses your joints which may cause you problems in the long run. So do cardio as much as it is needed, always remember overdoing anything won’t help rather it will only make things difficult for you in the long run. 

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