Quick Fat Loss With 3 Easy Steps
Quick Fat Loss With 3 Easy Steps

Quick Fat Loss With 3 Easy Steps

While everyone talks so much about weight loss there are very few people who understand that we should always focus on losing fat instead of weight because when you lose fat you become healthier, your body tones up, you start to look better and feel lighter so let’s talk today about three simple steps for quick and easy fat loss.

These steps are very easy and can be followed easily by anyone who is willing to drop a size or two in the coming few weeks. 

  1. In your every meal include protein, fat and vegetables

    We all tend to starve ourselves when it comes to weight loss or for quick weight loss. But starvation is not the answer and we at BeFitYou never encourage any sort of starvation diet for any of our clients. We believe that if you really want to lose that extra fat from your body then you have to eat the right food in the right quantities and at the right time. Eating enough carbs, proteins, good fats and needed vitamins and minerals will not only help you lose weight but will also keep your body nourished which will help your body protect itself and fight against diseases.

    Protein – Generally an average male needs 55-90 grams of protein per day and the average female needs 45-75 grams per day to maintain healthy muscle mass. Non vegetarian foods are a great storehouse of protein but we have great vegetarian sources of protein too. Choose your protein sources wisely and make sure you can digest them well.

    Vegetables – We all are taught since our childhood that vegetables should be consumed daily in larger quantities but as we grow up we tend to forget most of our learning and we look at food just as a calorie instead of focusing on its nutritional values. Always remember, vegetables are low calorie food but add many nutrients to our food. Don’t forget to add loads of variety of vegetables to your diet whether raw or cooked in salads or in curry. It will not only give you nutritional value but will also help you feel fuller for longer hours. Some vegetables are a good source of complex carbohydrates too so be mindful of eating those but you can have them due to their nutritional value.

    Fats – I know we all are scared of fats but not all fats are bad. Your body requires healthy fat irrespective of how much calorie deficit you are in. There are some good options of healthy fats for example nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado oil, avocados and coconut oil too.

    So now when you plan your next meal make sure you are keeping in mind how to have a good balanced meal which has all of the above in it.
  1. Stay away from junk food

    When you are looking for a long term commitment towards a better you, the first and foremost step that you need to take is to cut all ties with junk food. Irrespective of how tempting they look, junk food is your health’s worst enemy and in the long run these would do no good to you. It is mostly high in sugar, refined flour, refined carbohydrates, preservatives and everything one should not eat. Once in a while eating outside won’t be too harmful but make sure it happens once in 3 months even if so. Junk food not only helps you gain unnecessary weight but also causes long term damage to other organs too. So commit to yourself that you won’t eat or drink any outside food and stick to your commitment and in a span of a few weeks you will see the results on your own. If you want someone to constantly remind you everyday what to eat and what not to then you are at the right place. Team BeFitYou commit to your commitments and we make sure you don’t go off track.
  1. Be physically active

    We all know how exercise benefits us and it’s not just for physical well being but also for our mental well being too. Initially when there is too much weight to lose, everyone starts exercising and even joins a gym but with time that motivation starts to fade away and dressing up and going to the gym seems like a huge task and we all start to fail. So consistency is the key. We at BeFitYou can help you to workout at the comfort of your own home with your own body. Research shows that home workouts are equally effective especially when you do it under the right guidance. In order to lose that extra fat you don’t need to exercise 5 hours a day all you need to do is workout for one hour for 3-4 times a week and you will witness all those changes. We at BeFitYou prefer quality over quantity all the time. When you are physically active you sleep well, you start feeling better and your body is forced to get rid of all those flabs.

Fat loss isn’t tough especially when you have someone looking after you all the time. Someone whom you can trust, who tracks not only your good food but also your good mood. Someone who pushes you to workout even on days when you are not able to push yourself out of bed. We at team BeFitYou believe if you want to see the change then be the change. Join BeFitYou today.

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