Spot Reduction: Reducing Fat From Specific Body Area
Spot Reduction: Reducing Fat From Specific Body Area

Spot Reduction: Reducing Fat From Specific Body Area

Spot Reduction is a term used to reduce extra fat from a specific area of the body by doing some specific exercise or by getting some sculpting process done. So whenever you meet someone who is obese or overweight they will specifically tell you which part of their body has more fat and they really need to fix that particular area of their body.

But the immediate question I usually come up with is  how would you fix it and their answer would be if it is their stomach then by doing some extra crunches, if it is their chest by including some more push up and if it is their legs or lower body then may be by doing some extra sets of squats and then they believe they can flaunt their dream body to everyone. Now here comes the real question: Is it possible to lose fat from any specific body part? 

To be honest NO it is not possible. Yes genetics plays a great role in deciding what kind of body you will have and any specific area where you are prone to easily gain fat. Gaining weight is easy and losing is much easier but maintaining your goal weight is toughest.

I seriously hate when anyone talks to me about weights or numbers because for me being fit is not something measured in terms of number on a weighing scale rather fitness is measured by feeling good and energetic, eating good food, having less body fat percentage, more muscle mass and good amount of sleep.

You always gain fat overall in your complete body. You may have some target problem areas like we all do. So when you have to lose fat you will have to get it done throughout your body. Working on a specific muscle(body area) helps to build smaller muscles which helps to tone your body but this is not possible if you don’t look after complete body fat loss.

Irrespective of how many crunches you do, if you don’t eat well, sleep adequately and exercise properly you won’t see any results. You haven’t gained all this weight (fat) overnight and hence it takes a proper amount of time to see results. You need to create a calorie deficit by burning more calories than consuming and when you enter a calorie deficit and exercise, every cell of your body produces energy which helps in fat loss. Once you start losing fat you may see some inch loss and if you do exercise properly like including both cardio and strength training then your body gets toned and you start to feel better.

I am not very fond of surgeries to remove excess fat from the body as they have their own merits and demerits and if surgery is the only option available to you then of course you don’t have any choice left. Let’s try to do it in a natural way first so that we can do it for the rest of our lives. Weight loss or fat loss is a lifestyle change and we should do it in a way which we can do forever.

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